Monday, October 19, 2009

Comfort foods

Hi All!

I hope you had a warm weekend! It was a rainy windy one where I live, but we didn't have to utter the horrible four letter word...s.n.o.w. Hubby and I are from the North, born and raised but one distinct difference between us, he looooves winter. I loathe it. Ok, so loathe is a strong word but I highly dislike it. Except for when it's big fat snowflakes, and my whole family is gathered safe and sound around the fireplace all cozy and warm. Oh, and for the other reason that tornadoes are not common in winter. I have a large fear of them, but that's a whole other post.

Anywho, since hubby and I are northerns we sleep with the window cracked open, even on nights with frost warnings! Even Cinnamon loves snow. But as I said, all we got was rain. It made for the perfect weekend of cooking and watching Football (hubby) and reading
CountryLiving magazine (me).

So, I made some chili and as a foolish girl that I am, forgot all about the pics. Sorry. But I also made a roast in our crocpot. How we got along without it is beyond me. I just add my ingredients then kick back on the couch with my cup of joe and my magazine. Ahh, the life. The picture is kinda hard to see and we didn't eat it for supper cuz I like to cook it on slow for 9hrs. It'll be our lunches during the work week.

Then we bought us a little snack ;)

Isn't the box cute? The Pillsbury marketing people are genusies, it sure got my attention! And it came out sooo goood too! Yum!!

I hope you had a cozy weekend too.
~ Marcia


  1. Sounds yummy, and I bet your precious Cinnamon was DROOLING all day while that roast was cooking, lol!

  2. I don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog- but I like it! I love your post about your animals, I always end up with rescue animals...I even have a rescue goat! (But, to be fair, isn't that bad since I have ten other goats, but still...)

    Yay for slowcookers! And brownies...I made gingerbread since it was in the '30's this weekend (at least in Va.)


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