Monday, May 24, 2010

A night out on the town with Travis Tritt

We had a double date night with my in laws on Saturday and the four of us went to see Travis Tritt in concert! It was amazing! Not only is the man gorgeous, he is a very talented singer and incredible guitar player. He was smiling and dancing around, and he looked genuinely happy to be playing for us. It was a fantastic show. It was the 4th time my hubby has seen him and my first. I was sooo excited to go. He did not dissapoint!! The first thing I noticed was just how gorgeous of a man he is. He was very gregarious and friendly and has a beautiful southern drawl. His fans ranged from young girls to quite a few elderly couples.

It was a great night! I would most definitely see him again. I hope you had a great weekend too!
~ Marcia

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A kitty update and warm wishes

Hi friends!
I have been MIA for awhile now, seems that crate training a kitty is a lot of work! We've set him up in our one bathroom, in a doggy kennel with his litter box and water. Each night, he is let out of the kennel but is confined to the bathroom. He can eat, stretch his legs and play with his toys. Sounds lovely, right? So why he meows for 30 mins before calming down each night is beyond me! LOL. I do have to say that he's taken to it so much easier than I thought he would. I am so impressed with him! Since he's been kenneled, I have steamed the carpet 4 times. Even though I dry vacuum before steam cleaning you'd be amazed at the fur this thing picks up! I am in love! (Despite the steam cleaning, there's still the slight sent of urine. Any ideas? I've used the urine enzyme eliminators, but they are staining the beige carpet yellow, and still the smell lingers..)

So after 3 weeks of antibiotics 2 times a day, crate training him, I really think this may work out! He will visit the area where he use to frequent, sniff around a bit but then head straight to his litter box. I have renowned hope! We have yet to leave him out when we're at work or go to bed, that'll be the real test. But in the 10 years I've had him, he is more calm and seems more sure of himself. I'm surprised this is the only vet to suggest crate training a cat to use his litter....Awe well, just wanted to give you an update :)

I do want to wish all you mother's out there a very loving, spoiled Mother's Day! You are women of strength, abundant love, forgiveness and a foundation for our society. Much happiness to you on your special day!

~ Marcia