Monday, March 29, 2010

Nursing a sick pup

Some may find this strange or downright insane that my hubby and I rushed our pup to the emergency room at 1:00am Sunday morning after we found her having tremors. Doctor on call, was not, hmmm, how can I put this....pleasant. In fact, my hubby and I both felt that we had disturb his sleep by our visit. 2 and a half hours and many hundreds of dollars later, we took our very tired and very sick pup home to sleep. (We too were exhausted). Turns out, the pup and I would be awake only a few short hours later as her pain meds had worn off. She was given Metacam for pain, Tramadol, for pain and an antibiotic for the actual problem, she has a raging urinary infection. This is her 3rd one, and by far her worst. The other two didn't require pain medication, didn't result in her having tremors and didn't make her vomit, (the technician at the emergency room let out a deep sigh when my poor sick pup vomited a second time on their floor). Can you tell I am not impressed with our experience? Anyway, we have an appointment with our vet this afternoon. I have taken the day off to monitor her as the Tramadol, makes her whine and seem frightened.

What irks me is that yesterday morning she didn't want to eat, or drink and the meds they had given her and seemed to wear off. So we called the vet to ask if there was anything we can do. We had just seen them, they told us that the Tramadol's dosage could be modified while we were there, but when we called they refused to adjust her medication until we went back there and spent another $30 for a second visit. Only 4 hours after we spent hundreds on her meds/tests!! So hubby and I searched online and found she could be given an 3rd pill (this was later confirmed by them when I called yet again for help). Ugggh. So frustrating.

I asked if there was anything we can do to help prevent them, as I come home from work every day at lunch to let her potty, I give her Vitamin C tablets they suggested and she still gets sick. They suggested that we perhaps move to a less dog filled area since Cinnamon likes to mark her territory which is why they feel she is getting infections. So I'm looking for places to move.

Do you have a female dog that gets urinary infections? Can you suggest anything that has worked for you?

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dog Day

Last weekend, Furry Friends Rescue sponsored a Doggie Easter Egg Hunt. Of course, we had to go! It was unseasonably warm out so we met up with a furry friend and his human companion and off we went. Cinnamon was so excited to be outdoors with lots of doggies that I swear I worked out my arms by holding her back! She is a sweet soul but loves to pull! So I apologize for the photos as they were taken trying to hold her back.

A view of the pond and the horses that live there

Cinnamon after swimming in said pond

The grounds it was hosted on is a dog groomers and resort. The owners live in this gorgeous home on the property.

Cinnamon's best buddy Finley sniffing his doggie egg treats

If you'd like to see professional photos of the days events, please click here.

It was a great day for all!
~ Marcia

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spriing, oh spriiing

After a wet and windy weekend I found myself yearning for sunshine. Just a touch of warmth on my skin, birds chirping, scents of lilac in the air. Ah, my second favorite season. So during another day of soggy, damp conditions, I prodded and begged and wore down my hubby to go shopping in the high winds and torrential like rain. Ok, ok, so I didn't really beg we headed out to lunch then went shopping. ;) I decided that I wanted to hit up Old Navy. I don't always find things there but this time was different.

Here is what I bought in my weak attempt to will Spring to life through color:

A cute little t-shirt sun dress in bright yellow.

A beautiful floral print sun dress

A black jersey dress that I have wanted for awhile.

And the best part, everything was on special! The black jersey was only $15 and the other two were $20!! Not bad!! Now I'm ready for spring when it finally decides to arrive!
~ Marcia