Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little piece of Heaven

It's no secret.... hubby and I are currently renters. As the old saying goes, where ever you drop your hat is home, and I just love living here. It makes me feels like camping. Walk the dog, wave hello to passer byes, stop to chat with neighbors, let the pup visit with her doggy friends, then return home, only to get to do it again. I love it. Our neighbors have become friends.

My place to get away is my little deck. It's tiny, two chairs deep, two chairs wide (how's that for math? :) but it's my favorite place to have a cup of joe, while I read a good book and the pets lay out in the heat. It's a work in progress but here are pics of it so far.

A view from the patio door.

The ol' pine tree that offers shade and privacy.

My dumpster chairs will be white one day are adorned with comfy floral cushions.

Little decorative touches make it feel cozy.

Its a work in progress and I'll show you more pics as I update my favorite little spot.