Friday, August 7, 2009

My Husband Rocks!!! - 1st Friday

KatyLin over at The Great Adventure is having a My Husband Rocks party every Friday! Being a newlywed myself (a little over 2 years) and hearing how marriage has gotten a bad rap lately I wanted to join in this great party myself! So, each Friday I will participate in her My Husband Rocks theme party and tell you great gals, why hubby of mine is a great man :)

Let's go back to the beginning shall we. We met while hubby lived in Minnesota and I in Montreal, Canada. My sister and I went along with her then boyfriend to visit his friend who had moved from Canada to Minnesota after he met and fell in love with his new wife. His friend and new wife are now my in laws! (Stick with me, it gets less confusing). When my sis and I first met my future in laws we all hit it off right away. Then in walks her son. He wore dark wash jeans, a black sleeves tee, a black bandana hiding his shoulder length hair that was tied in a tight ponytail. He just looked mean. My sister (Jen), and I were both intimidated. Then, he spoke. He had us laughing it up right away! We sang kareoke, (us, horribly off key, he and my father in law, neglected to tell us they were great)! Cruel joke I tell you! We went to a block party and were inseperable. After day 3 I didn't want to leave. I asked him what do we do from here, he said, he wanted to start dating exclusively. I honestly didn't think I'd hear from him again, but after driving 19 hours back home, I had a voice message saying he missed me. Then I had an email. He called me every single day, sent me emails and was more consistent than the guys I dated locally. He had me after day 3.

We soon found ourselves in a long distance relationship. The words of caution and "truth" (as some called it) found its way into our daily lives. I got a lot of "I bet he's cheating","Can't you find someone here"?, "Are you that lonely that you have to go all the way to MN for a man"? They all said it was out of love, but it was hurtful and mean. He, was not above it either. His were mostly about how I was only dating him to get into the US, how I too must have been unfaithful, how could he trust me? It was a hard time to remain happy. Each family gathering or party we attended we were alone. It was a rough time but we stuck it out. We'd visit every 3 months it seemed and talked about everything. After dating for a year we decided that one of us would have to move. So I sold my condo, quit my job, packed up my house and kitty and got married. I thought my friends and family had realized this would be the next step, but I soon figured out they thought this was all a phase. My moving was met with mixed reactions. But we followed our hearts and got married. Has it always been easy? No. Do I ever regret it? Not at all. I miss that I can't hop in the car and be at my sisters homes, but I don't regret marrying this handsome man at all. It is easier to see the mountains we are facing that we forget to turn around and see the valley we just crossed, together.

My handsome hubby in one of many car shots I steal of him :)

~ Marcia

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  1. It seems to me that you did have to go to MN to meet a man..because this man was waiting for you there...there are no coincidences, there are no "chance" happenings...what we do have a reason though we don't often know what it is at the time. Wishing you both much happiness and love as you travel your life path together.


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