Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday Y'all!! Can we say y'all up north? I just like the ring to it, sounds much more inviting and friendly than "you all". Anybody with me? No, well then...moving on. ;)

Thought I'd share a pic of my entrance hall table and the start of it's transformation. I blogged about it a couple of blogs back and just added some of my favorite things.

I added some crocheted wooden words that I purchased online for $5.99 for the whole lot of them! I hung them on the mirror above the table. I wrapped some green and blue ribbon around the wired hangers to coordinate the color of the table.

Then I added my absolute favorite rummage sale find. The crystal hurricane candle that I paid $1.99 for! LOVE it!! It is so beautiful lit. Beside the hurricane candle is a great GW find! Its a little rooster ashtray! We don't smoke and its to small to hold keys so I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I loved it right away!

Here's how my little table looks so far. It's still a work in progress...Now, I just gotta get rid of all the shoes!

Have a great weekend!

~ Marcia


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! The little rooster ashtray is cute! Maybe you could cover the notches for cigeretts with buttons? Either glue two bottons back to back over the notches or sew them together, leaving a longer length of thread between them (like you do for sewing buttons on coats) and slip them into the notched area( if you don't want to glue). Your signs were cute also!

  2. Your hallway is coming along nicely. Maybe add some mini beaded cushions on the shelves, or scent bottles, even an array of coloured bottles either simialr sizes and different colours or similar shades and different styles.


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