Monday, June 15, 2009

A busy week ahead!

I hope you had a great weekend! On Saturday we stopped in a random open house to ooh and ahh over its grandeur and decor. Then we headed back for a "movie" night. Sunday we spent at the park, picnicing, and playing games and letting Cinnamon run to her hearts content! (I also snuck chicken pieces off the kabob to share with her, shhh). The park is right around the corner from our place. It has a river that seperates it from the farmers land. We were visited on the other side of the river by some curious donkeys! It was an incredible sight!! Not to many times have I seen donkeys near a public park. I only wish the batteries in my camera worked.

This week is a very busy one for me! Tonight we're having my uncle spend the night then on Wednesday my mom and sister and itty bitty neice are coming to stay with us! Oh and my mom's little dog too! Did I mention we live in a one bedroom apartment? LOL. Not sure how we'll all fit but it'll be fun! I gotta run and get this place spick and span before heading off to work. I hope you girls have a great week. I'll be back soon.

~ Marcia


  1. I hope you all have a great time!

  2. Sorry I have not been around at all- I was in a funk and been busy too. It's lifted now I think. Goodness- sounds like you have A LOT going on. You've got a house full. Fun though. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hey sweetie...your blog is so pretty and I love your furbabies..We lost our little furbaby Maggie last month....we had her for over 16 years...I still have a hard time dealing with her death.

    I love that color of green on your little table in the entrance way...soooo pretty..

    I remember when we were young and first married and lived in one bedroom was always so much fun when family came to visit and we'd just pull out the sofa sleeper and make pallets on the floor...we just loved getting to visit with our loved ones...hope you have a great time with your loved ones as well and thanks for coming by...please come back anytime!

  4. I wish your batteries worked in your camera too because that would have been a sight to see! No'll get it fixed I bet!
    I gotta a feeling your "little" blog is going to be a BIG one some day.
    Hurry...get that camera goin'!! :)
    Hugs to you... :) and have a wonderful weekend!!


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