Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holiday weekends finds

Yay! I was able to get a little more juice out of my batteries today. Just enough to snap a few pics of the great finds I picked up over the long weekend. So, without further adieu...

These cute little shoes I picked up at the local Kmart. It's the first time I went in and was amazed! All the other Kmarts I ventured in were dirty, clothes and housewares strewn across the floors. The prices were outrages for the store we were in!! So to say I went in very apprehensive is an understatement. Well, to be very honest, I needed to use the girls room and this store was close on our outing. Anywho, it was great!! The store was immaculate, and the prices were very reasonable. (And the washrooms were clean!). I fell in love with these shoes. They came in four colors and its the first time I purchase shoes outside of black or tan. I love them!! They were all of $18.95!

Hubby and I have a GPS that we received from my in-laws last Christmas. It has saved us from being lost countless times! What we like to do is ignore the directions and travel about different streets we have not ventured on before. We especially love doing this in residential areas. We found some gorgeous homes this way. And this past weekend a lonely little rummage sale. We got out and I quickly acquired this little guy for $5! I am going to spray paint it white and plan on using it on my front hall table that I have yet to purchase. Sidenote: I went to a rummage sale and was interested in buying the wicker writing desk the lady had for sale. She was asking $100, for the table, the small bench, and a few other things I did not need. I asked her how much simply for the table, she said rather rudely, "Do you mean writing desk?!" (In all fairness, it was the only table/writing desk on her front lawn!), anyway after some explanation as to how it would be much more expensive if I did not acquire the rest of her possesions, she rattled off a price of $75! For a second hand, wicker, writing desk that I would need to spray paint anyway. I said a quick "thank you", which I do believe she heard "than.." as she quickly turned her back to me and walked away. I realize it is opening season for rummage sales and there will be plenty more on a Saturday morning, I just wonder if she does realize this very thing.... Anyway, all this to say I am still searching for a front table to put my newly purchased wreath holder, which I plan to use for a different purpose. (Btw, I did NOT purchase it from that lady. In fact I purchased nothing and simply walked away and will not return to her yard sales). Hmmph.

Our apartment complex has a book swap at the gym. There are shelves of books that you can take or leave if you're done reading something. I think its fantastic! I have dropped off a few books and magazines and found some great reads! I recently picked up this one after a workout with hubby. I loooove Dorothea Benton Frank's novels. She is a great summer read. I have yet to visit the Lowcountry in South Carolina but after reading a few of her novels I feel that it is a place I must visit. This was a free find!! Is there anything better?

~ Marcia

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  1. Ahhh...books. I love them and they are what I look for at yard sales. This past Saturday I found SO many..just beautiful ones in perfect condition and I don't even think they had ever been opened. I will post about them next. They practically give them away...and I am getting a lovely stack of childrens books. So far I think I have racked up a few hundred dollars in books for mere pennies on the dollar!
    That WOMAN had no business being so rude when you simply misspoke about the TABLE! :)
    That was a very high price at a garage sale. are right! This is garage sale season and you will tons of opportunities to find just the right table for your entry! Just you wait and see! YOUR table is out there waiting for you to discover it and give it a good home! I promise!
    HUGE hug!


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