Thursday, April 16, 2009

I already miss you

I was going to start my post today with a picture from hubby's car accident. But first, I headed over to see what my friend Kim at Belladella was up to. I was shocked to see what she had posted! She put up a pic of my new header and a little comment to her friends to come on over and check me out. I am so touched! Just that little gesture means so much to me. In today's world where things are keep your head down and go faster, I am always surprised by how sweet people can be. I wish I knew how to link over to her site... BUT since I don't you can find her on my sidebar. She is a sweet sweet soul and has a gorgeous new house and general store. Her blog is great too ;)

That truly made me smile. Thanks Kim. ;)

On another note, hubby and I are heading out on a road trip tomorrow. With his banged up car you ask? Nope, that one will sit licking its wounds. Instead we'll fly back to MN and then drive to MTL to visit family. So, I must tend to the million things I have let go until today! But you guys are much more fun. Before I go here are some pics I made from (my newest addiction) scrapblog last night. My friend Kim over at Belladella introduced me to it and I believe my forefinger is actually a little numb from using my laptops mouse ;)

I bid you guys a fantastic week and I will be back with pics and sidenotes from our trip!

P.S. Please excuse the crazy colors on my blog. I have begun playing around with font sizes and colors where I should really be packing!
~ Marcia


  1. Hi there! Checking out your blog from BellaDella's blog....have fun on your trip!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip! When you get back I can tell you how to link and do a few other fun things! I was excited to include you in my post today. Hopefully some of my friends will stop by and say hello.

    Safe travels and hugs!

  3. Just stopped by from Belladella to welcome you! Have fun on your trip!

  4. We will be right here when you get back. I have been on here for three months now and still have not figured out how to make a link. :) are NOT alone. I will add you to my side bar...and someone did the same for me when I started...yes...they are nice on here...and it is such a joy!!! :)
    Drive carefully and have a wonderful time!! See you soon....let us know when you are home..

  5. Super cute blog! Welcome! Bella Della sent me, she's a sweetie pie like that : )

  6. Hey there and welcome to bloggyland! I came by from Kim's blog...she is my most favorite person EVER.

    Have a great trip and I am so sorry to hear about your car...that is no fun at all.

  7. Blog looks great! Have a fun and safe road trip. We'll be here when you get back!

  8. Hi Marcia
    I was visiting Kim and so I've come by to say hello and welcome to blogging!

  9. Hi there, I found ur awesome blog on Mona's sidebar.. Luv the header you made at Scrapblog.. (One of my fav sites. smiles)

    I want to invite you over to my blog where I make and share FREE blog backgrounds..

    Have an awesome day..



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