Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being thankful

I just received a call from an insurance company telling me that my hubby got into a car accident this morning. Thank God, he's alright!! Apparently there was a four car pile up and he was the fourth car. It was raining and foggy out this morning and the first car thought someone was going to pull out in front of them so they stopped, hence, the four car pile up. You know what the funny thing is? Not, "funny haha funny" but funny "if I don't laugh I'll cry funny" is that we just got the car back after fixing it for the very same damages!

When we first arrived in PA we had an impromptu meeting with a guardrail. We drove around for months with one working headlight and a smashed up front end.
Two weeks ago, we were so smug as we just got the car back, all shiny, both headlights and both fog lights in working condition. We were all one big happy family again. Now, the poor girl is smashed up in the very same place! Arrrgh!!! Add to it the taxes we owe, the bills that need paying, all on the one salary we have coming in. I need to remind myself to breathe. I could easily stir myself up into a frenzy. But I'm reminded of a saying I like that says,"It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain". This is my rain. So instead of stomping on the puddles, I'm going to do a little dance and write a "Be thankful" list.
  1. I am thankful that hubby is safe and ok
  2. I am thankful that everyone involved is safe and ok
  3. I am thankful that hubby has a job esp. in this economy
  4. I am thankful that once this is settled we will look back on this and laugh
  5. I am thankful that I even remembered to be thankful in this at all

So, now that I can breath again and the stress has released my stomach muscles, I must go and call the insurance company. I thank you God for giving me the strength to change my habits and learning to dance in the rain.

I hope you girls have opportunities to dance too.

~ Marcia


  1. Well, I have never heard that saying, but I really love it! I'll have to write that one down. I'm so glad he's okay. Like my dear friend who's now gone use to say to me, I will now say to you: Girl, tie a knot in the end of your rope and hang on!

  2. Your friend was very wise! Thank you for your comment, I will tie a knot in my rope, but can I swing? ;)

    Thanks Brenda!

  3. You did it! The banner looks awesome! I love the colors. Glad hubby is okay. It's always something, huh? We say that all the time around our house. I love your saying and Brenda's too.

  4. Visiting here for the first time and I really enjoyed looking around and reading your posts. So glad your husband is okay! The blog is so pretty.

  5. I am sorry I haven't had a chance to visit you in a while. I am glad your hubby is safe. Things always have a habit of working out. As for banging up a car repeatedly in the same spot...well, I think our family are experts!


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