Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home blessings

I like to surround myself with things that offer blessed messages or sweet reprieve from the coldness the world sometimes omits. Over the past couple of years I have added some sayings to my home. Some are still packed away in MN, and others I picked up here in PA. Once I have everything back here I think I just may have more sayings than places to keep them!

Here are a couple of items I picked up over the weekend at Kirkland Home. If you've never been it's a fantastic store. It looks expensive so I was a little pensive about going in. But I was greatly surprised when I walked in and found many a treasure in my price range.

I purchased both the pillow and the cross from Kirkland Home. Together they came to $8.00! (The pillow was on clearance). I just love what it says.

They now greet people at my front entrance. I do eventually wish to purchase a table to put under the mirror, but that'll come.

I first saw the little sticker in the corner of my mirror, on my inlaws front door. I picked mine up at a christian store in MN. Sorry its a bit dark, I found if I kept the flash on it'd be to bright. Some days you just can't win. ;)

Finally, here's a little sign my hubby picked up for me at Peddlers Alley, for $3.99!

Since losing two beloved family members in one year, I now tend to gravitate towards anything that says "Cherish Yesterday".

I hope you enjoyed the little tour. So, do you have anything in your home with little sayings?

~ Marcia


  1. I think it's awesome to have such positive affirmations scattered around your home. I love the pillow and cross. Kirklands is a fun store!

  2. There should be a point in scrapblog where you publish your creation and asks if you want to save or download it to your computer. You can save it as PDF I believe and then upload it to blogger in that format- just as you would a picture. If I have time later I will log on there and try to give you better directions ;) Isn't it fun on there, though???


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