Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well Hello Summer....

It has been HOT here on the East coast this past week. Sticky, steamy, hot. Just a run out and run back into the a/c kinda days. The poor pup has just been exhausted. We take her out, hose her off, and bring her back into the a/c.

This is her favorite place to be.

This heat has us all feeling beat, and it has made it almost unbearable to sit in my favorite spot, my little back porch. I did add some more touches to make it feel homey. I added a flag for the 4th of July but will keep it there b/c it's so cute.

I will paint both chairs's just been to hot to continue.

I haven't been on for awhile...It has been a tough June. We had to say goodbye to my sweet baby Roscoe. It's no secret that he had urine problems but what we didn't know was that he had heart disease and circulatory issues. To honor him I put this little angel holding a kitty outside on my porch, where we spent a lot of time together.

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