Monday, November 30, 2009

A bit of Holiday decor

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Over the weekend I pulled out some Christmas decorations we had in storage. Being that we live in a tiny apartment I added the decorations throughout and wanted to avoid overcluttering, but I find it a bit undone, so I will continue to add more. In the meantime I just got so excited to show you what I had so far! I hope you enjoy the tour. (I think you can click on the picture to enlarge it).

Wishing you a great week!

~ Marcia


  1. Hi Marcia -
    I was so happy to see that you had stopped by for a visit :) Regarding the blackboard, it originally had an ugly picture with glass. I removed both, went to my local Home Depot and had them cut me a new board, then I painted it with blackboard paint... easy peasy :) I love your Christmas decor :) Your santas and snowmen are adorable. I think the rooster plate in the second picture would look right at home in my kitchen :) I have several roosters, a little country french going on in my kitchen.
    Have a great day,

  2. It all looks great! What a cute Santa lamp! :)


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