Friday, October 9, 2009

Ms. Donna (she doesn't go by Ms. Donna, I just call her that, hope she doesn't mind!) and I have been chatting back and forth about our beloved pets. She is a great lover of animals and has a very sweet blog all about her home, family and pets, you can visit her here. Her cherished Mr. O'Malley looks much like my Cinnamon and you know we chatted a bit about that. She is a very sweet lady and I love how she dedicates apart of her blog to the homeless animals who are searching for forever homes. How sweet is that?!
If you have never owned a pet you have not felt unconditional love. They just love you, faults and all. They don't care how bad your morning breath is when they sneak in for a kiss. They don't care if you snap at them after having a bad day at work. They don't care if your a little bloated, or your having a bad hair day. All they know is to love you. And to take care of you the best they know how.
Today marks the 8 month anniversary of my protective, all knowing, hard working, sarcastic, fun loving, cherished dad's passing. It is still so fresh and yet seems like a million years ago.

Some days I can laugh and feel at peace, others, I realize he's gone and not coming back and the world around me shatters all over again. My hubby is a great sounding board, gives soulful hugs and encouraging words. But my pets, well, they just know how to be. My kitty Roscoe will come and sit on my lap and rub his head around my hand so I have to pet him through the tears. And Cinnamon, she does not like it when her humans are hurting. No siree. She will follow me and put her head on my lap or lay next to me and give kisses. Or more often then not, she will just remain beside me, just letting me know I'm not alone.

Now I know they can't know why I'm upset, but I'm not sure that even matters. They just know I am upset and they want to take the best care of me as they can. Animals are amazing and intuiative and loving and I'm grateful for having them in my life. I hope you get to know the love of an animal.


  1. Yes they are wonderful! I did a post yesterday on animals, stop over and read if ya get the time:)

  2. Oh, Marcia, you're so cute... You most certainly can call me Ms. Donna (it's funny, that's why at I called my girls when they were little.. Ms. before their names! ha ha)

    Animals really do help us through the healing process, don't they? Your dad looks like such a lovely man, Marcia. And I can totally relate to what you said about the fact that in some ways losing your dad feels like yesterday and in other ways, a million years ago. It will be 13 years for me soon, losing my mom, and I STILL feel that way. Wishing you continued healing and lots of love... Donna


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