Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All good things must come to an end....

I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend! To me, nothing beats sneaking in another day off when typically you should be at work. Hubby and I had a great weekend. We tackled some house work, did our usual chores, spent a lot of time outdoors which made our pup thrilled!

Hubby even agreed to go yard saling with me. He doesn't love it but he's a good sport about it, as long as somewhere in there he gets fed. LOL. I did snag a few great finds.

I like to make homemade laundry detergent and was looking for a scooper. That little one cost me $1. The Christmas decor were .25 cents each, the little heart shaped stool was $1, not sure what I'll do with it yet. But my favorite find had to be the quilted purse. There was no price on it but the guy suggested $1 I almost fell over! I love, love, love it! I had seen some in those same colors for $60 in the store but didn't want to spend that much. So this find really made my weekend.

We visited with family.

Aren't these masks a hoot! Hubby saw them at our fav shop, The Christmas Tree Shops and I believe they are meant as wall decor but he put it up to his face and I happened to have the camera. Then we got my in-laws in on the act! What a family, eh?

On the morning of having to go back to work I must admit I do admire you all who get to work from home. Sigh. I hope to one day but for now I must get myself presentable and head on back into a short (yay)! work week.

Hoping you had a great holiday weekend!

~ Marcia

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