Monday, August 17, 2009

Lookie lookie what I found

We planned a very relaxed weekend. Saturday we'd get up, go get our groceries, take the pup out for long walks and maybe check out what's happening around our town later in the evening. It just goes to show no matter how nicely packaged and proper we plan our days, life has it's own way of deciding itself for you.

Friday night on our evening walk, we passed by a dense bush in front of a neighbors porch. As we walked by we heard rather loud meowing. We could tell it was a kitten but we thought it was waiting it's momma and kept on for home. Saturday morning I took the pup out for her morning walk and decided to check back on the dense bush. Sure enough, as I got closer the mewoing started up again. It was coming from inside a dense, prickly bush. Cinnamon and I could not see the kitty but then we heard a very meek meow a little further away from the bush. I walked over to investigate and sprawled out on the dirt was the tinest little thing I ever did see. His eyes were still closed and for a second I thought it was a mouse! I scooped him up in my arms, scanning the area for an angry momma cat, but she was no where to be found. Cinnamon and I all but ran for home to show hubby what we found. We wrapped up the wet little guy in face cloths and put him in a shoe box then we went back to get his brother. He was very sweet but you could see he was agitated and hungry. When we got back a visiting passerbye held the prickly bush back so I could scan the area for his sibling as hubby held onto our first little guy. Sure enough, there was a second kitten, a lot larger than the first, but he too had his eyes closed. When I scooped him up and put him in the shoebox with his brother the two just curled up together and were instantly comforted.

I have never seen anything so small in all my life. We knew they must be hungry but it was still rather early and the local PetSmart was still closed. So we drove over to our vet and purchased a can of kittens milk and some syringes and fed the little guys. The chubby one (which we've called Jethero) ate much better than his brother Oreo. (They are inverted skunks, with the white strips going down their bellies instead of their backs)! We took them to the Humane Society thinking we were doing them the best possible service as we both work and can't stay home to bottle feed them every two hours. The nice gentelmen that worked there kindly told me that they would no doubt be euthanized as they had no foster homes to bottle feed them. I stood there crying, still in my pj's and bed head and non brushed teeth (I really didn't care at this point but looking back I do feel bad for everyone I encountered), and refused to sign them over to a certain death. The manager saw my fear, anger and frustration and promised she'd do everything her in power to save them and promptly put them on a heating pad and fed them some more. (It was 88 degrees and humid, I had no idea they'd be cold)!

When we got back home we had a call from my MIL who's friend told her she'd gladly take them and care for them. She knew how to bottle feed kittens as she'd done it many times before. So back to the Humane Society hubby goes, hoping against hope that the babies would still be alive. I must've paced a new groove in the carpeting until he came back 10 minutes later (it's right down our street) with the well fed and warm kittens. We took them over to the girl that would care for them. Even though I knew they would be well taken care of and loved, I cried when I had to say goodbye. She offered to return Oreo, the tiny kitty that I found out in the dirt. I so want to take him but am not sure if I want to seperate him from his brother so we will see. She promised me pictures and I will even ask if I can visit them at the farm (no joke, it's a real farm)! where they will live.

Before letting them go I snapped some pics like every proud Momma does. Please excuse the flash and despite my best intentions they were camera shy.

The camera really does add 10 pounds! They look so big but were only a few ounces each.

See what a chunky monkey Jethero is? He's the one on the right. He's so much bigger than his brother Oreo!
I know they are in good hands and will be well cared for and despite only having them a few hours I miss them terribly. I do believe you are tested in your day to day life and I hope I passed God's test.

~ Marcia

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  1. What a sweet & sad story! Poor little babies & I'm sure it was so hard to let them go. Your story reminds me of a book I just read "Dewey" the Library Cat - another sweet but sad story! I wish the little kittens well. I have a chihuahua named Oreo!



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