Friday, August 21, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

For anyone that knows us, knows that we long to be parents. Although we adore our rescued fur babies, we hope that God will give us the fur less kind one day soon. My ultimate dream is to be a stay at home mom. To raise our children ourselves. As we stand right now, that would not be an option. We could afford to have a baby but soon after I would have to return to work and hand that little precious life over to someone else to care for all day. Although we luckily know that we can undoubtedly count on my in laws and know that the baby would be so very loved and cared for, it is not the same as experiencing the babies firsts ourselves.

So, what does this have to do with my husband rocking? Well, he knows my dreams, and knows our situation and despite working a full 8 hour shift already, (which doesn't include the 2 hours of driving each day) he has found a course that he could enroll in which would then allow him a higher salary! As it stands right now he gets up at 4am for work and doesn't come home until 3:30 pm. He then makes my lunch, feeds our pets, takes the pup out for walks and now wants to add to his schedule so we can afford to be a single income family and I could realize my dream of being a stay at home mom.

He has already been granted an apprenticeship and is even the schools number one choice! Yet the economy has affected the apprenticeship and we do not know if or when it will start. So he decided on a secondary option, which is adding a course to his already full work day. He has decided to give up simple luxuries (as sleep) so he can provide better for our family. This is why I think my hubby rocks!
He will be a great dad. If there is any indication by my niece's love for him!

~ Marcia

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