Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A mid week report

I cannot believe it's already Wednesday! It has been very humid in my part of the world lately. My bones love it, my hair, not so much. LOL. Each morning upon waking, I take the pup for a walk all around the grounds. It takes us about 20 mins if she doesn't do to much sniffing. Then we come home, have breakfast and relax a bit. But lately she's been really antsy to get back out there, so for the past two mornings I take her out again before work and throw the ball around with her. This passes her out until Hubby gets home to let her out again.

Yesterday morning before work I became very domesticated! :) I made chicken parmessean so Hubby could just heat it up for supper, (my hours are until 8pm so we don't get to eat meals together. He's been great about preparing me lunches for work so I wanted to repay the favor). Then I made homemade chicken noodle soup! It is a personal favorite. I took some for lunch despite the hot humid temps. It is so cold in the office so I think it'll be just fine.

This weekend is pay week. Woo hoo! I love lining up the bills I have to pay and ticking them off. I know, it's strange. We are under a ton of bills but I want to reinstate the date night I started and quickly went by the way side. So I'm trying to come up with any plans we can do that doesn't cost to much. Do you have any favorite date ideas you don't mind sharing?

~ Marcia

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