Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thrifty finds

Today I am participating in Rhoda's thrifty treasures! I hope I am doing this correctly, it's my first time :)

This weekend is proof, great things come in small packages!

I am in love with this frame. It cost $1 at a discount store and holds a picture of my Dad when he was in his 20's, that my Mom took on one of their first dates. It now sits front and center on my writing desk.

The little lamp base, I bought at GW for .99 cents awhile ago. I was looking for a small lampshade. I found this one at another discount store for $1.99. It matches perfectly my sofa's end tables and sits beside my Dad's frame.

This little caraffe was a gift. It was purchased at the same store as the lampshade. It was $4.99 and now sits on my bathroom counter, and will hold mouthwash.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour!

~ Marcia


  1. Howdy Sweet Lady
    Wow Marcia that photo of your Dad is so awesome it actually made me cry a little bit I am just a sentimental softie :)
    Your lamp shade is perfect for the lamp base.
    You really have a good eye for colors,and arrangements.
    I love the great prices too!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I really enjoyed the tour .
    Have a fabulous rest of the week.
    Texas size hugs
    Happy Trails

  2. I just love the photograph of your dad. It's so sweet and the frame is precious. Great finds all the way around. I love your rooster collection too! Hope you are doing well and having a good week so far!


  3. Although I have been posting I have not had a chance to catch up on my favourite blogs and I have missed out on so much with yours. Sorry. I have, however, enjoyed catching up on your blog and thought to comment on this post as I was touched by the picture of your dad. What a beautiful moment your mother caught on camera, a moment that would have been lost in time. So precious.

    Thank you so much for sharing,

  4. That is so wonderful you have a photo of your dad taken back when he was dating your mom. I would love to have one of my dad. The oldest photo I have of him (which I don't have very many) was when he married my mom.

    Love the idea of putting mouth wash in the water carafe. So much nicer then the big ugly bottle it comes in.



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