Monday, July 6, 2009

Great finds on 4th of July weekend

I was sad to see the last of yesterday's hours tick by, and knowingly would wake to a new work day. Our celebrations started with hubby's birthday, and we had a fantastic holiday weekend. We went to the zoo, to some shops down main street, stopped at some yard sales, saw a few fireworks, went out to dinner, watched a couple of movies, took the pup for long walks in the park. It couldn't have been better! I finally had some luck at a couple of yard sales we hit. I am thrilled with what I got!!

This little beauty caught my eye right away, as did someone elses who called out, "what a gorgeous gravy boat you are holding" as I was examining her. Despite the owners, "firm" when we tried to haggle her, the $4.00 beauty came home with me!

This little jar my MIL found, but had no place to put it. It cost all of .75 cent, and even though I have no idea what to use it for at the moment, I was glad to snatch her up.

These jars my MIL had to talk me into getting. I loved them but didn't know where I would put them. They were $1.50/ea but we talked her down to $2.00/both. I had the tray already and was thrilled when they fit. They now sit above our toilet and hold cotton balls and qtips.

This was my absolute favorite find! I had seen it once before and the woman wanted $100/set, and $75 just the table. This time around we went at closing, she was asking $50/set, my MIL bartered down to $25 for the table and stool!! Sorry about the picture, I forgot to take a "before" pic, until I began painting! It will be perfect for my writing desk! (The stool is being used as a leg rest out on the porch).

How was your 4th of July weekend?
~ Marcia


  1. What great finds you happened upon! I just love that gravy boat as well!!! And the price...well worth every penny.

  2. Awesome finds! I love the writing desk! What a steal! The gravy boat is beautiful too and never pass up little glass jars ;) You can always find a use for those. Glad you guys had a great weekend, we did too.

    Have a great Monday!


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