Monday, June 1, 2009

A tragedy

I just received word that my brother in law was witness to a horrible car and semi-truck collision. My B.I.L had stopped on the side of the highway and ran to help. What he saw has shaken him to his core. The lovely lady in the car had passed at the scene from her injuries. Unfortunately her daughter had been follwing her in a seperate car and was witness to the whole terrible scene. When my B.I.L reached the car the daughter was naturally hysterical on the phone with 911, holding her mom's head. The driver of the semi-truck was apparently shocked, and crying and very upset as well. It just goes to show that life is but an instant. It reminds me to love without worry, be happy when the mood strikes and say thank you for another day of everyone I love being safe and sound.

Hug the people you hold dear, and be nice to the ones you meet, even if they are snippish or harsh. We don't know what steps their shoes have taken lately.

~ Marcia


  1. Oh no. That is horrible. It just makes me shiver. My prayers go out to everyone involved in such a tragedy. Your BIL should be commended for trying to help and being there. So many folks would have just kept going.

    Your poem is amazing and I am going to print it out and put it somewhere special. It's beautiful.

    Love and hugs,

  2. How tragic! Yes, I understand and have thought about that a lot. What a horrible thing to witness for you BIL. Poor guy! It must have traumatized him something terrible!
    Your poem is precious..and so true. We need to thank God for every precious moment we are alright and our families are alright. It isn't always easy to do..but we really must!
    Hugs for that enlightening post!


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