Monday, May 4, 2009

Home tour....take 3

Good morning!

Today's rain makes for a perfect day to sit back with a cup of Joe, light some scented candles and read all your great blogs. But alas, I have rejoined the working world and am off to my first day of work! Yay for a second income!! Booo, for not being able to leisurely enjoy my days anymore. I do hope in my career to be able to find work that I can do from home....but for now, I am very thankful to the powers that be to have found a good job at all!! So here's today's quick blog then I am off to get ready ;)

This picture is of our tiny yet efficient laundry room. I love, love LOVE having a laundry room in our apartment. It keeps me from carting laundry down to the main laundry, coin operated rooms. The appliances are a little dated but they work and I am so grateful to have them here.

Right next door to the laundry room is our bathroom. For an apartment it is rather large. I don't believe the pictures really show this but it's very roomy, perfect to leisurely baths.

I don't know about your kitties but mine loves to drink out of a dripping faucet! The wooden star case holds T.P., and Kleenex. Here's another shot of the little shelf.

Hope you enjoyed today's tour. I must go and get ready. Wishing you a happy Monday!

~ Marcia

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  1. You have a nice apartment! Our little on in Chicago is little and dark...blah! I really need to brighten it up!


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