Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's in a name anyway?

As yesterday winded down and I came off the exictement of beginning my own blog and the whimisical name I created I suddenly sat dumbfounded and stared at the computer screen.

Could it be? Noooo. Wait....Noooo...Damn! I did indeed misspell the name of my blog!!! ARRRGH. I frantically tried to edit my blog title, and almost went so far as to create a new one with the proposed name in mind. But alas, the truth sunk in, I have no idea how to edit a blog title. Sooooo, yah, I invented the word frugalious, it means to be frugal and uh, no it wasn't meant to be frugalicious, nooo, not here, not me. *Sigh* Well enough complaining, it is what it is. (When I get into my childish phase my hubby says if I were to be a plane, I'd be a "com-plain"). He's so funny, isn't he? ;)

Anywho, (it's funny, I don't use that word while speaking yet I like how it flows on the screen)the real purpose of this post is to talk about the past few life changing months. My beloved grandma passed away May 2008. To say I loved her would be an understatement, I adored that woman. She was the most amazing person I have ever known. She was 87 years young and wanted so much to be reunited with her hubby that it was out of sheer selfishness that I cried for her passing. I am thrilled they are back together again in Heaven. But her passing affected me as it most normally would.

We didn't have much time to mourn though. The following September my dad received the news that he had lung cancer. He had quit smoking for 22 years and was active and young! He fought valigantly and really only succumbed two days prior to his passing. He passed away in February, six days before his 60th birthday. He was a strong willed man, one who would talk you in a corner just to see what you were made of. He was a closet sentimentalist and held onto things from our childhood we had no idea he'd kept. He was the only man in a house of four women and he was fiercly protective. He was my dad. Even as I type this I truly can't believe he's gone.

Yet out of great loss comes a chance for enlightenment. I realize tomorrow is not promised, we are here for today, for the moment. My dream job has always been to write freelance work for magazines such as Country living. Yet I found myself applying for jobs that I wasn't truly happy with. So in honor of their passing I am trying to live a life of "now". A life where what I am passionate about trickles into what I do for a living. I want to live in the moment, participate in it and be present.

With that said, my photos today are from my past, lol. They are a few of my most prized possesions, physical reminders of great love.

This is my baby Roscoe. I am not sure exactly who rescued whom. He has never taken to change well and shows his displeasure by peeing outside of his box. It drives me mad!! He's at it again and I can't seem to make him stop. Arrrgh. But he is a cutie.

This is Cinnamon, our two year old husky/shepherd mix. Although we've been told she may have some greyhound in her because of her lankly legs and long snout. Whatever she is she's a beautiful soul.

This hat emodies who my dad was to me. He wore this hat with a white towel around his neck to do yard work. I love this hat especially with the paint stains.

This was my grandma's book called, "Lives of the Saints". I love holding it, knowing she held it and read it each day.

And finally, this rocking chair was put out to pasture before I got my hands on it. I repainted it, mom and I selected the fabric, she made the pillow and dad upholstered the seat cushion. It team effort and I love my parents for helping me bring it to life.

I hope you have things around you that remind you of love.

~ Marcia


  1. I guess your new blog title is meant to be. How funny! I hate to admit it, but I do stuff like that all the time. If you'd like to play around with new headers try but I warn you- it's very addictive. That is where I make my headers.

    A beautiful post about your grandma and dad. I am sorry for your loss but what beautiful memories of them to share with us. My blog is actually named after my grandmother Della. She passed when I was nine. She's still very much around though. And not that this is the same at all, but my mom is a cancer survivor. She won her battle but I know what a struggle the disease is.

    I think blogging/writing is an awesome outlet for our creative souls and it really makes you pay attention to everything going on around you. It's so fun to share it all with others.

    Have a wonderful day!

    PS- Love the furbabies!

  2. Hi Marcia,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    That was a very beautiful and endearing tribute to your grandmother and father. TO be honest, I had tears in my eyes as you have reminded me of my grandmother whom I thought the world of and absolutely adored. She died 10 years ago. Thank God my father is healthy (although a smoker since the age of 10 and won't stop sying it's too late etc, etc).

    I will link you as I really like your honesty and openness.

    See you again,


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