Friday, March 27, 2009

A hodge podge of hairy thoughts

Last night, I was mindlessly skimming through the channels and came across the TV show "Millionaire Matchmaker". I stopped to watch because I am currently in hair envy for two reasons, 1) since turning 35 a week ago (yikes)! those evil, rechent grey hairs that were laying dormant sprung awake! I used to have a couple around the temples which I would promptly pluck out (oh yes I did, and it felt wonderful!) but nothing like this! So tonight it's off to the pharmacy to get me some hair dye. I am just not emotionally prepared for greys, I'm just not.

Anywho, reason 2) would be because the hairstylist I went to see hacked off my hair! It was passed my shoulders and a little to long for my liking. I had asked that he cut it so it rest just a little passed my shoulders, just like in my profile picture. Well apparently he had other intentions. He hacked it off and thinned it out. What used to naturally curl if I let it air dry now hangs like a ill fitted birds nest. Had I been menstruating I would've cried. Instead I simply repeated "I hate it, I hate it, I hate it". Which to my mom's displeasure had become my new mantra for the rest of the week we spent together. Sometimes I think it's childish to worry of hair, when my dad fought so hard to just live, but then I remember I'm a mere mortal and childish worries are a part of life. So now I must wear it pulled into a pony tail or flat ironed straight with my bangs tied back as he didn't want to trim my bangs because he didn't like them. Did I mention I do not like this man?!?

Anywho, sorry for the long winded tantrum, back to my original thought. So here I am watching "Millionaire Matchmaker" only because I love the matchmakers hair. If you haven't seen it, it's long, and black and shiny. And she has fantastic bangs. But the love ends there. In last night's episode she had called in a group of women to see if they were qualified to meet her two millionaire men. Let me reiterate, SHE CALLED THEM. So she walks into the room and just belittles these poor, beautiful women. She tells one she needs a new makeover, another that her hair is fried, another that she's too short and needs to wear stilettos and finally tells another girl to get rid of the pouf in her hair and make herself out to look like Cameron Diaz as this millionaire apparently likes that. Then she waves off the stunned woman! I wanted to grab this matchmaker by the shoulders and yell, "just who do you think you are"?! It's one thing to say that they may not be physically matched to these millionaires but to berate them for being themselves?

Is it me or is our world becoming ruder and ruder? It's as though it's become accepted to hurt someones feelings. To belittle them for who they are or what they wear or how badly they sing (American Idol). Although I do admit some people aren't cut out to sing but a simple no thank you, would be fine instead of berating them for trying. The world has gotten smaller and I just hope that the accepted attitude is not one of intolerance and rudeness.

Phew, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. I do hope you guys have a fantastic, kind filled weekend ;)

~ Marcia


  1. 1- I so watch that show even though it makes me cringe.
    2- I think you need a new stylist ;)
    3- The world is totally rude- don't even get me started. I try to be kind to anyone and everyone but sometimes it's quite hard!
    4- Please let me know what hair color works well bc the gray hair is getting ridiculous on me :)


  2. I read what you wrote...and it is a good thing you weren't here, because I would have grabbed you and given you the hugest hug ever! YES! The world is getting ruder. I was writing the story of my husband and I and our early marriage when I was attacked by a woman. I pulled the story as I didn't want to be pulled into some silly cyber fight. She said I was a liar and that I didn't have that good a memory of my life..and the list goes on and on. I am trying hard to go about my business but it was very frightening..and now I am self concious about every single thing I write.
    I let it rattle me and that made me mad at myself.
    I had to grin at your rage at this odd woman who has been given a bit of power on the show. I have not seen the show..but I would have probably been as enraged as you were.
    It seems..the "in" thing to do to try and destroy someone.
    Your hair. I FINALLY a year ago, had to give up the ship and go gray. Yes, I know what you mean when you say you hate the gray.
    The picture that shows on my blog was taken the November before I began growing it
    It was a total shock when I saw that I was white headed! Now my daughters are going through it. The youngest is your age.

    I wish everyone could come to your blog and read your statement on "rudeness" as it was absolutely GREAT!

    Thank you for your comment on my post. I meant every word. I know you are doing all you can to help your Mom through these hard times.
    Have a wonderful weekend..and give your mother my best.


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