Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I feel the need to explain my decision. I have spent many a post about my baby Roscoe. He was a stray abandoned in an apartment when I first adopted him. I got him at 3 months of age and he brought me happiness, unconditional love and comfort.

From day one he would pee outside his box. Vet after vet couldn't find the issue. He was attracted to carpeting, so I removed all carpeting from my home. When I moved I made sure the apartment didn't have any carpeting. When carpeting wasn't available, he'd pee on my bed. Back from the vet with no explanation, I started living with my bedroom door closed. Roscoe brought his own set of issues, but he was a sweet soul and I adored my baby Roscoe. He brought me up through the deepest depths of sorrow.

In this new apartment, however, there is carpeting, and no chance of removing it. He peed constantly, I cleaned, he resoiled, I cleaned, he'd get infections from the chemicals I used to clean the carpeting. He was on antibiotics for a month at a time. Our very patient vet suggested we kennel him in our only bathroom in a dog cage for one month, letting him out only when we could supervise him. He was in the bathroom all alone all day long, and all night long for one month. This was in hopes of retraining him to use his litter box. He was also getting shots of ketofen.

Sadly, nothing worked. We found out that he had circulatory and heart problems that I hadn't known of. Why am I telling you all this? Because I shared a lot of my worries about his urine issues throughout this blog, because I don't want his little life to have been done in vain, and because I don't want you to think I made this decision lightly. It was a very hard day and a very sad one.

I don't believe animals are disposable. Neither does my hubby. We did this with very heavy hearts and we still miss him. He was family for 11 years and will always be.

I just wanted to share this with you.

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  1. (((BIG HUGS))) to you sweetie, it is never an easy thing but sometimes it just is what it is. I hope you can find comfort in your wonderful memories and you KNOW you did everything above and beyond what you could.


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