Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spriing, oh spriiing

After a wet and windy weekend I found myself yearning for sunshine. Just a touch of warmth on my skin, birds chirping, scents of lilac in the air. Ah, my second favorite season. So during another day of soggy, damp conditions, I prodded and begged and wore down my hubby to go shopping in the high winds and torrential like rain. Ok, ok, so I didn't really beg we headed out to lunch then went shopping. ;) I decided that I wanted to hit up Old Navy. I don't always find things there but this time was different.

Here is what I bought in my weak attempt to will Spring to life through color:

A cute little t-shirt sun dress in bright yellow.

A beautiful floral print sun dress

A black jersey dress that I have wanted for awhile.

And the best part, everything was on special! The black jersey was only $15 and the other two were $20!! Not bad!! Now I'm ready for spring when it finally decides to arrive!
~ Marcia

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