Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2010! How I have longed to meet you. Your predecessor was not kind nor a gentle acquaintance. I hope we get off on the right foot. I do hereby wish that we become great friends, and navigate this great new world we call life, together, not always seamlessly but respective of one another. I wish to be able to tell you my dreams, my worries, my goals. I hope that although we begin this new year as strangers, we end it close friends!

I pass along this wish to all of you! Wishing you a fabulous, healthy, happy, New Years!

I hope I may burden you with a quick question? When you visit my blog, do you see a background, or is it simply white? The strangest thing happened, I got a new computer and for the most part my background is missing, except for one square space. Do you see that too??

Thanks for your info!
~ Marcia


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Marcia! 2010 HAS to be better than last year!!!

  2. The sides of your background are just plain brown (solid with no pattern.) The center is a rather light beige or cream. There is a rather yellowish or creamy tinge at the edges and especially near the header. The header is done in lighter green and tanish diamonds..or Harliquin I think they call the pattern. It is very cute but, no, I don't see the one "square space"
    I think it looks fine. Simple and sophisticated. :)
    Your Jan. 2 post was neat. It said it all about last year..(my children are struggling something terrible to hang onto what it took years and years of hard work to attain!) and I have helped them all I can..hoping against hope that the economy would turn around and work would return. It has been a nightmare watching them suffer! I know what you mean.
    I want to think positive about this year. I welcome it and hope for the best I guess.
    You said it well, Marcia!


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