Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You gotta know when to fold them...know when to walk away

I know Kenny was referring to a game of cards but I think his words can be used to describe relationships as well. Sometimes we gotta stop making excuses, and see what it is we're looking at, with new eyes and an unbiased opinion. Life is to short to pretend it away. We can only hope, pray and try so much, when it ain't fixing, it's definetly broke.

Most people have assumed I was referring to my husband or an old friend, and would be behind me to change my situation, "stand up for yourself", they'd say, "be strong", they'd cheer. Yet, when I say no, it's neither of those, but the relationship I have with my mother, the reaction is always the same. Ohhh, "give her room, give her time, she needs you". Why? Why is it ok for someone to treat you with no respect, no love, no understanding, because your veins share the same blood? When is enough, really enough? And why do people think because its your parent that you need to be the one to bend? That you need to forgive, forget and keep the line of communication open? Even though every turn remains unchanged.I have tried to find the source of her dismay but to no avail. I have finally faced the truth, that lay in front of me, for years I overlooked it. She never offered to share her thoughts, her feelings or her truths. So I must accept it for what it is. The only truth I have is to decide what to do with this information. So yes, Kenny, you're right, you really need to know when to fold them, and simply walk away.

I am sorry this post is more on the personal note. I didn't intend to share this with you, but it needed out of my brain. And my friends, God love them, can easily start sending me bills as I've talked their ears off for years. ;)

Here's to change, to a new season, a new day!


  1. Hi Marcia,

    I understand what you are saying. Sometimes you just have to shake the dust off your feet and move on.

  2. I'm sorry to hear your mother is acting this way, she is surely missing out on a wonderful daughter to share her time with! I think we all have relatives like that, my husband has an older brother he won't speak to, so you are not alone dear! The way I look at things, "family" is those around you who you love and they love you back, no blood need be involved;)


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