Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A whole bunch of......bill

I'm kinda slow this week. When its pay week I get out all our bills, line them up, and tick off what my pay check can get rid of for us. Today I'm a bit frustrated! I called our local TV/Internet/phone company who had confirmed a "locked in" price for us for a year. Turns out, they neglected to tell me, that it does not include any taxes and surcharges, nor the rental of the modem (more ranting on this later), nor the taxes if we choose to rent a movie! Now, what company puts together a bundle price, and then tells you, btw, in order to use our services, we do realize you must rent the modem, therefore, here's another nifty little charge. Arrrgh! I understand the supply and demand of the modem, however, why not include that in the bundle package rate?! I'd still be paying for it, but it doesn't have to be listed on my bill under,"Oh, you need us, oh yes you do". Ok, so it doesn't really say that but each month I see that charge that's exactly what I think.

We have been so tempted to cut the TV, phone and Internet, well not the phone, nor the Internet, but we're hoping to look around to find someone a little less $$ and a lot more helpful! I too work as a customer service rep, and I know you attract more bees with honey than vinegar, but when a rep tells my MIL (who was having her own issues with this co') that it is up to the reps discretion if they decide to tell you of their discounts and specials, I thought WHAT?!? What sorta company admits this, first, to a customer and second, even does this!!

So I'm off to pay some bills. And when I get to this bill I think I won't worry about my penmenship. Humph.

~ Marcia

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