Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's all in the eyes....

I posted the other day that I am just inspired by the gorgeous homes you ladies have. I would love to incorporate more lace and "girly" textures to my home. Right now it's a work in progress, but with work it's one step at a time. I realize on my home tour that I didn't show you our bedroom. That's because it is no where near where I'd like it to be. Once it is I will definetly open the doors to you!

I've been thinking, who better to ask than a slew full of talented ladies! Now, my question isn't in a decorative nature but rather a frugal one as I really wish to only purchase one and hopefully the right one from the start! :) I wear sunscreen daily, always on my face. But am noticing fine lines and wrinkles getting bigger by the day! I love to smile but am so self concious about it because my eyes just wrinkle right up! It's terrible! And yes, maybe vain, but I do wish to feel comfortable in my own skin. Hubby says it's an onset of having to work with the younger end of 20 year olds and he just may be right. But again, to me, its just being comfortable in my own skin.

I have heard of the old wives tale of brewing green tea, leaving it in the fridge and then using it as a compress in the morning. This does seem to work a little but do you ladies have any tips, tricks or secrets of the trade? Do you have a great eye lifting serum that's worked wonders for you?

Please share your secrets!! LOL. I want to pick up something this weekend and am looking for something that works.



  1. I have no secrets. I am still trying to get my courage up to cover my gray hair. Or coming to terms that it will double the cost of each of my haircuts bc I will ultimately just let my stylist take care of it.

    I do highly, highly recommend all the cetaphil products. They are super gentle to your skin. I have rosacea and unfortunately problems with adult acne and their stuff is a lifesaver for me. My dermotologist also recently gave me some great, great advice- throw away your regular washcloths and buy a pack of baby washcloths. I got mine at Target and LOVE them. They are so gentle on your face but still exfoliate. I use the cetaphil cleanser.

    Sorry, no help with the wrinkles- except to tell you that you are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Please prepare for a long comment...this should be a post!!

    You *are* beautiful, stunning, what more can I say!

    I guess we all have concerns about wrinkles, but in my mind they will happen, but I still want to look after my skin so it is moisturised and protected from sun damage.

    I recently tried a sample of Avon's Anew Clinical Eye Lift. I don't usually go for eye creams/serums but I liked this one as it did moisturise and maybe even felt a little firmer. My neighbour is an Avon rep. and in Australia a small jar is $40.00. I imagine it would last a while too.

    As for cleansing I have sensitive skin so I love the Clinique products which, while a little more pricey, last an entire year as their packaging is large and I don't have flakey skin!

    The best sunscreen/moisturiser I have found (especially in country like Australia in which there is so much sun exposure) is Olay Complete Defence SPF 30+. Even the super expensive labels don't go up to an SPF30. And the best part is I pay only around $10 to $12 Australian and it lasts a couple of months.

    Hope this helps. And remember it is about maintaining and optimising what we have. I truly believe that the older a woman gets the more beautiful she becomes. Her skin starts to reveal her personality and her experiences and how can we not embrace this.

    Please keep smiling and in letting your happiness shine through so too will your beauty!


  3. I know it sounds absolutely bizarre, but a little dab of Preparation H on the crows feet or under eye tightens up the skin.... And yes, keep the skin hydrated, I use a non- comedonic one by Arden, cause I tend to go a little oily. Welcome to bloggy land. :-) Sue


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