Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serene sights

Today is a little on the chilly side. It's windy, grey and threatening rain. The pooch and I already made it out twice so far but we nixed the idea of an early afternoon walk. Well I nixed it, she just put her head down and followed me back into the house. I know, I know I already feel guilty. But I justify it as she had three walks yesterday! She can't possibly be ready for another, now can she?! Even as I type this I know the truth and already realize I will succumb to a walk after hubby gets home. Sigh. But for now she's curled up on the couch and just let out a sigh of contentment, I am again happy. ;)

Anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures of serene sights on this chilly, grey day. So here they are I hope you enjoy.

I hope it made your day a little less grey.

~ Marcia

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  1. Beautiful photos. It's grey and threatening rain here. I smiled thinking of that puppy sigh- I love when they do that. It always makes me giggle, like their life is so rough ;)


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