Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night I talked hubby into coming with me to the nearby Goodwill store. I had been there once before and couldn't remember my thoughts on the place. So after feeding him, off to Goodwill went! Oh my anticipation was high! After reading blogs on the treasures they had purchased and re purposed, I was anxious to get my hands dirty! Boy, what a let down. The clothing was priced to high for my taste. So I moved on to scout out some handbags. There was a great large brown purse that I was interested in until I saw a large tear in the bottom. So onto housewares I went. It was no better there either. I saw a cute angel figurine I wanted but then noticed she was missing an arm and she wasn't in a discount or "as is" pile either. Everything was either chipped or broken! It was by far the worst Goodwill store I have been to. Do you have a favorite Goodwill store? One that has never let you down? Mine is back in Hibbing, Minnesota. It was fabulous! I found many a treasure there that I will show you in upcoming posts.

Anyway, I left there feeling defeated while hubby suggested we walk over to the nearby Dollar store and see what we could find. I went in unconvinced anything could cheer me up from the Goodwill nightmare. Yet just as we walked in, hubby pulled out this little number and again my faith in cheap great finds was restored!

They had a few to choose from but this one just caught my eye. I love what is written inside.

Sorry its hard to make out, but it reads, "God is love, and he who abides in love, abides in God and God in him". - I John 4:16

I just think it is so well said. I loved it. Its a reminder that kindness truly does matter.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

~ Marcia


  1. Goodwill is tough. I sometimes find things there but their prices have become ridiculous and often things are broken or damaged. I hardly ever buy clothes there. Look in your yellowpages for other stores- perhaps DAV or church related ones.

    Hibbing, MN? I keep forgetting to comment on that connection. My in-laws are from Kenyon, MN and in fact they are the family that will be here today. Is Hibbing anywhere near Kenyon (which is very near Rochester)? I feel like it might be. Anyway...they come out to VA twice a year for about a month each time in their RV. I went to MN for the first time in 07 and I love it out there. I know you must miss it. They also have a awesome lake home up North and I could move there right now- snow and all.

    Love the DT candleholder. That place never fails ;)

    Have a great, great weekend!

  2. I am going to find out what the Hibbing connection is when they get here today. I know there is one bc I have heard of it before. Perhaps we drove through there on way to lake. Hmmm! I'll let you know on Monday ;)


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